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Frae The Cradle


I thoroughly enjoyed this video as the scenery was breathtaking, and the video showed just how crucial good sheepdogs are to shepherds.

T Murphy, UK


If only people who want a Collie could understand their true purpose there would be far happier Collies and less frustrated owners. A must for anyone who loves Collies( or thinks that they want one!) Very entertaining.

L Bizley, UK


Very well made and well told,a must for people with Border Collies

G Irvine, UK





In Dog We Trust


Love Tweedhope Sheepdogs - In Dog We Trust. I have the first dvd also. Good info for herding dogs with a bonus of spectacular scenery. Looking forward to the next one.

C De Grado, USA


This is a great video for those who want to get more information about how to train your border collie. The video is a great continuation from the previous Frae The Cradle. We get to see how different dogs require different methods of training. The video shows us the amount of trust we must have in our dog to let the instinct grow and develop. The scenery is also a sight to behold!

Rahul, USA


Shows you the right way to train a pup lovely scenery helps as well very well filmed buy it now.

P Nicholls, UK





A Dog For A' Seasons


A Dog For A' Seasons is the third (and so far the last) DVD of the Tweedhope Sheepdogs trilogy.
I highly recommend these DVDs to everybody who's interested in sheepdogs (Border collies) and their daily job - moving sheep!
Viv emphasises how very important freedom is when training a young dog (be it for work or/and trials). You can see this freedom in DVD 1 & DVD 2 and you'll realise freedom when you watch DVD 3, the outcome. Put some polish on each dog and you'll have poetry in motion, like ballet.
Beautiful landscape, impressive dogs combined with helpful & very useful training tips and never miss out some fun for the watcher's amusement ;-)
I personally love all these DVDs because they're very professionally filmed and I believe it is of high importance to pass on this wisdom for the sake of the most outstanding breed ever.
Thank you for making these films, Viv & Fi.

A Nef, Switzerland


What a joy to receive the 3rd DVD from Tweedhope Sheepdogs.It worth every second watching!.The Tweedhope pack from puppies to great working dogs because of the knowledge,patience,love and respect from their"human".It is a kind of magic to see in minutes,more than a year of wise and gentle training,so genetics and individual temperaments show the best of each one.I do believe this is the" right way"of training,with patience,time and learning through mistakes,as the only "tools".And the landscapes,the music...a "must have",not only for trainers,for all those who love collies.Congratulations Viv and Fi !You gave us a legacy of inspiration,wisdom and love to the breed.THANKS!!!

S Fajdic, Argentina


I just watched the third DVD in the trilogy. Another amazing movie, with beautiful scenery and music, of course, but it is the dogs and Viv that make it wonderful. This is the crown jewel in the Tweedhope Sheepdog DVDs - the information and showing by example is truly priceless!! Viv Billingham and Fiona Limbrick have provided the working Border Collie world with three masterpieces that should be in every collie video library. (Tweedhope Rook has given them his platinum seal of approval as well.) Congratulations on your amazing work and you make us thirst for more!

N Richards, USA


"I so appreciate your words of wisdom & help to all of "US". What a contribution you have made through your Tweedhope Trilogy DVDS - AWESOME!.Add your books - what a treasure you have proved to me."

J Kelly, USA





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