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One Woman & Her Dog

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Originally written in the 1980s, this popular and entertaining book has been ‘re-printed’ for ebooks.

One Woman and Her Dog describes Viv’s life as a shepherdess. As for so many hill farmers, life for her family was often harsh and gruelling, but also extremely rewarding. Both humorous and serious, lively and reflective, energetic and calm, Viv presents the reader with a refreshing, diverting and informative narrative. However, the book is not purely anecdotal as it contains practical advice on the rearing of puppies and the attributes one should look for in a good Border collie. Years of experience with working dogs has given Viv an insight into their characters and traits which the reader may see revealed by her sensitive and down-to-earth approach to their training and handling.

Her love of life envelops not only the people and countryside about her, but also her working companions, those loyal Border collies with whom she guards and tends her sheep.

The book also contains a history of the sheepdog’s evolution and shows how careful breeding has produced a strain of dog which as, deservedly, become world renowned for its intelligence, loyalty and dedication.

This is a book that all who read it cannot fail to enjoy and appreciate



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