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Opus Anima

Opus Anima

This beautifully bound fictional epic is a work of art and a collector’s item. Lovingly embellished throughout, the book contains over fifty colour plates. A reader's delight, it is overflowing with shepherding and sheepdog lore, local history, magical adventures, mystery and intrigue set against a background of Scotland's dramatic Border hill country.  
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    A profound/humorous biography retracing the life and loves of Shepherdess Vienna Maclean and her talking collies, sheep and horses - that endeavour to put the world to rights. Born in the Hebrides, eventually Vienna takes on a small hill farm in the Scottish Borders where she faces many trials and tribulations. Due to a genuine thirst for information, initiated by his eminent rise to name from humble beginnings, the beauteous surroundings he frequented and the wonderful works he penned, the late, great James Hogg, The Ettrick Shepherd Bard, features prominently in the narrative, along with other heroes from prior centuries.
    Although interwoven with a rich tapestry of Border history, magic, devilry and witchcraft, the manuscript is primarily designed to create awareness in regard to the plight of farm animals. Threaded through this tale of the paranormal is one of life as visualised through their eyes.

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