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The Tweedhope Trilogy is a set of 3 DVDs about a litter of pups out of Tweedhope Fae by Linburn Laddie. 


Viv has made the DVDs because of her concern regarding what she sees as 'a misunderstanding of the breed' by some individuals:


“These dogs are important ambassadors to Britain. It’s vital folk understand them and their history, that they respect and train them sympathetically. Visually The Scottish Borders are an extremely dramatic & beautiful area. I wish to promote them as 'The nearest place to heaven'. 


Border collies kept the roof over my family's heads and the food on the table throughout my working life.  I owe it to them to portray a simple method of schooling for work, with trialling as a bonus; sharing the knowledge I’ve learned through the years.


Herding has been bred into these remarkable canines: it’s simply a case of giving them plenty of time & freedom so that their inherent instincts are allowed to surface unimpeded."

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